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Simone Larson

Simone Larson is an Evanstonian living in Brooklyn.

Lights up on the Audience

Once a month at The Flea Theater, the stage lights dim, movement halts, and music is silenced; the audience comes alive. Dance Conversations @ The Flea, a free monthly performance curated by Nina Winthrop, presents works-in-progress performed by artists unafraid of experimenting with new ideas and forms.

Epistolary Therapy: Sixty

Looking back on a life can lead in multiple directions. Self-reflection, for many, leads to the doors of others, or in the case of Risa Jaroslow, the mailboxes.

Third Annual Sugar Salon Series

Modern dance is the only American art form originated solely by women. These pioneers founded an expressive, floor-centered movement, subsequently grounding the airy ballet. However, modern dance has been taken over by men.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2023

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