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Simone Forti

Simone Forti is a dancer/choreographer/artist/writer. In the spring of 1961 she presented a full evening of Dance Constructions, which proved to be influential in both the dance and the art world. Forti’s continuing explorations, including studies of animal’s movements and of the dynamics of circling, have manifested as drawings and as holograms, as well as in performance including collaborations with musicians Charlemagne Palestine and Peter Van Riper. Forti’s engagement with movement and language includes her News Animations, which are improvisations in movement and spoken word, as well as her books including Handbook in Motion (1974) and Oh, Tongue (2003). Works of hers are included in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Whitney Museum, New York, and The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. In 2014 Forti had a retrospective show at the Museum der Modern in Salzburg, Austria, and in 2011 received a Yoko Ono Lennon Award for Courage in the Arts. She is represented by The Box LA Gallery.

The Woman Who Married a Bear

The Indian story about a woman who married a bear gets told in many ways. I see it happening in Vermont. That’s where I’m the woman who got lost in the woods and spent a night in the snow, on a bed of two leather gloves.


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