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Scott Damell

Because We Said So

Reviews of five new albums.

Because We Said So

This has been one of my favorite albums over the past few months. It’s food for my ears. Every time I listen to it, it’s like I’m hearing the songs for the first time. This band is noted for its use of digital bleeps and chirps, but their real strength is a generous use of lush choruses and rich guitar work.

Because We Said So

Reviews of Roman Candle’s Wee Hours Review, Chatham County Line Speed of the Whippoorwill, Chris Stills’ When the Pain Dies Down: Live in Paris, The Rosewood Thieves’From the Decker House, and Trainwreck Riders’Lonely Road Revival.

Because we said so

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“Because We Said So”

Adam Green is a darling of the hipster post-art scene and is the man behind the cult hit “Jessica”—a tongue-in-cheek ballad to Jessica Simpson. Somewhere along the way he decided that the public wanted a whole album of music like that. Bad idea.


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