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Scholastique Mukasonga

Scholastique Mukasonga was born in Rwanda in 1956. Her autobiographical books Inyenzi ou les Cafards, La femme aux pieds nus, and L'Iguifou have been widely praised. Her first novel, Our Lady of the Nile won the Renaudot Prize, the Ahamadou Kourouma Award, and the French Voices Grand Prize.  

an extract from Our Lady of the Nile

out now from Archipelago Books There is no better lycée than Our Lady of the Nile. Nor is there any higher. Twenty-five hundred meters, the white teachers proudly proclaim. “Two thousand four hundred ninety-three meters,” points out Sister Lydwine, our geography teacher. “We’re so close to heaven,” whispers Mother Superior, clasping her hands together.


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