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Ryan Tracy

Ryan Tracy is a writer, performer and composer, and is the Editor of

Dance States of a Theatrical Mind: Diana Szeinblum’s Alaska

Contemporary dance has the difficult task of wrestling two historical conventions: the exoskeleton of drama (or, the story) and the endoskeleton of homogenous attitude (or style).

Extreme Behavior? Or Simply Queer?

Whether we’re post-gay, post-AIDS, post-Will & Grace, or blindly drifting in the marketing-driven scam of metrosexuality (which, by definition, is a male heterosexual mannerism), queer male identity is certainly due for an overhaul.

Laura Peterson's Electrolux: A Review

Electrolux: The word may sound like some generic term for the latest tranny party doomed to a four-week lifespan before dying out in a fizzle of A.D.D. and urban ennui, but it’s actually the name of one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world.


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