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Ryan Meehan

RYAN MEEHAN is a writer based in Brooklyn.

The Player Piano

“Does Cecil Taylor make mistakes?” The question seemed naïve, even disrespectful, as I read it over. I discovered it written hastily among my notes of the concert documentary Burning Poles, screened at the Whitney in April as part of the “Open Plan” retrospective of the avant-garde jazz pianist and composer’s long and diverse career.

The Twentieth Annual Vision Festival

There was a jazz band wrapping up its afternoon set on a pathway in Washington Square Park as I made my way to Judson Memorial Church. There was little to indicate that anyone enjoying the music was aware of the formidable residency underway just across the street, where the final day’s events of the twentieth annual Vision Festival were underway.

The Shape of Jazz's Past to Come: Kamasi Washington's The Epic

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