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Russell Cobb

Russell Cobb is a leading artist illustrator based in the U.K.

Jacking the Hudson River: Welch’s Last Stand

As the new Christine Todd Whitman-controlled E.P.A. struggles to establish its environmentalist credentials, the nations richest corporation, General Electric, is waging an all-out war over the E.P.A.’s proposal to hold GE fiscally responsible for dredging a 40-mile segment of the Hudson River contaminated by PCBs.

Zapping the Fox, or Out-Foxing the Zaps? A Report From Mexico

Porfirio Díaz, one of Mexico’s only indigenous presidents and general of the rebel army that ran Napoleon III’s French colonial forces out of Mexico City on Cinco de Mayo, 1862, had a saying—somewhat cliché by now—“Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States.”


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JUNE 2023

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