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Rod Kessler

ROD KESSLER, after thirty-one years, retired from teaching creative writing at Salem State. Born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he now lives in Salem, Massachusetts.

KEVIN  CAREY with Rod  Kessler

If it hadn’t been official before, it’s official now: as soon as Garrison Keillor of NPR’s Writer’s Almanac recited “Reading to my kids” from the just-published collection, Jesus Was a Homeboy, we knew that its author Kevin Carey, my one-time graduate student, now friend and artistic colleague, had made a permanent spot for himself on the nation’s literary map.

In Conversation

Time-Trails and Travelled Roads: GALE RENEE WALDEN with Rod Kessler

In her recently released Where the Time Goes, Illinois poet Gale Renee Walden moves the reader in various ways, including along the time-line.


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