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Robin Grearson

ROBIN GREARSON is a writer based in Bushwick. For more of her work, go to

"Blind Date, Brooklyn"

December Friday morning, snow cold. My redeye from Burbank to JFK to a taxi stops, at Morgan Avenue. A stranger approached.

Diary of a Street Art Culture Warrior

With a clink of shotglasses last night, I committed my intentions to pose naked for street artist Quel Beast, whom I met four days ago, and to write about it afterward. He is coming by later today, to take reference pictures of a few of us on my roof, and I am trying to decide what to wear.

Alias Anonymous

I’ve lived in Brooklyn for almost two years, and one of the first people I met here was Jack. We became Twitter friends when I started following his blog, and when I relocated from Los Angeles a couple of months afterward, Jack invited me to my first Brooklyn-roof barbecue.


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