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Rob Williams


Rob Williams’s writing has been published in the New York Daily News, Nerve, Thought Catalog, BULL Men’s Fiction, The Nervous Breakdown, and Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. Find him online at and on Twitter @itmustbebobby.

An Unexpected Collaboration: KENAN TREBINCEVIC and SUSAN SHAPIRO in conversation with Rob Williams

In his riveting debut memoir The Bosnia List (just out from Penguin Books), Kenan Trebincevic recounts his family’s harrowing escape from their Brcko hometown during the Balkan War, and their return, 20 years later, when Trebincevic visited his homeland and confronted his past.

In Conversation

Balling Hard in Different Aspect Ratios: HEIKO JULIEN in conversation with Rob Williams

In his debut collection of stories and poems, I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death, mercurial author/Internet meme Heiko Julien muses about everything from the flavor of porcelain (one of his favorites) to the state of the American dream in the 21st century (“I am an American and my truck was built by God”).


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