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Ray McDermott

RAY MCDERMOTT is a cultural anthropologist who teaches Education at Stanford University.

Notes on Oppression

For decades, I have been dropping occasional quotes into various topical files. I use them to dress my office door (rarely noticed), or to add a veneer of scholarship to something I am writing. Together they affirm that I have spent far too much time on my bookshelf. Included here are quotes on Oppression. The message is that injustice is a nasty and sneaky business and can seep into us as just the way things are.

This Year’s Models

Sometimes a band takes large steps early in its career and finds the sound it wants right away. Sometimes it reinvents itself slowly over the course of a few phases. But it’s rare that a band proceeds, in the space of just a handful or releases, through a definitive arc that swings from meditative minimalism to lush improvisation.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2023

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