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rafael amorim

rafael amorim believes in the non-hierarchy of one word in relation to another, he is a visual artist undergrad in the school of fine arts of the federal university of rio de janeiro, a poet, researcher and independent curator. in addition to investigating the relationship between visual arts and the practice of writing, he works on the reorganization of elements of the sensible in urban territory.

a country of anonymous pain no more

brazil. a white man in his gray coat, with a smile full of scorn at the corner of his lips, appeared on an internet video to say “brazilian art of the next decade will be heroic and will be national” in a prophetic tone, he said that the art of the next decade will be “and will be equally imperative, since it is deeply binded to the urgent aspirations of our people, or else it will be nothing.

não mais país de dores anônimas

brasil. um homem branco e seu paletó cinza, sorriso de escárnio no canto dos lábios, apareceu num vídeo veiculado na internet para dizer que “a arte brasileira da próxima década será heroica e será nacional.


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NOV 2023

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