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Peter Eleey

In Conversation

In Conversation with Terry Winters

Rail (Peter Eleey): I was hoping that we could speak a bit about some of the collaborative projects you’ve been involved with recently. When did the Trisha Brown [Dance Company] piece [“El Trilogy”] go up? Terry Winters: It had its New York premier in July, but it actually started a couple of years ago.

A Quiet Incursion in Queens: Public Art as Infiltrator and Saboteur

By the time you find Pepón Osorio’s piece in a back section of the Queens Botanical Garden, you will probably have received a number of curious looks from the volleyball players nearby. After you’ve passed the construction fence remaining from a refurbishment of a nearby underpass, head for the patch of tall reeds. In the middle you will discover a dead tree given new life by the artist, who attached boughs of leaves marked with the fingerprints of children from Queens.

Karen Kilimnik

Karen Kilimnik has been painting for a number of years now in the dialectical area between romanticism and irony, a tenuous relationship of interest to an increasing number of artists.

Lee Etheredge IV at Pierogi 2000

Lee Etheredge’s New York solo debut is divided between small and large pieces that at their best create a sort of typographical topography.

Wim Delvoye: Cloaca

at New Museum of Contemporary Art   If you made it to the Rose Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History before March 1, you were likely reminded that we barely register on the cosmic radar screen.

Tim Wilson: PG-13

Tim Wilson PG-13 at Schroeder Romero In his first New York solo appearance, Tim Wilson shows a staid group of paintings that attempt to turn the cast-off plastic figurines of childhood playtime into a meditation on nostalgia and the ways in which personal recollection interacts with greater cultural memory.

Catherine Murphy, Lennon, Weinberg

Catherine Murphy shows the eight paintings and three drawings that she has completed since her last show in 1998. Her works employ a disconnected realism in the service of fundamentally abstract formal concerns.

Ryan McGinness

At Joseph Silvestro—the most ambitious new gallery in Williamsburg—Ryan McGinness has mounted the space’s debut solo show, a collection of work that includes a wide range of media from wall drawings and paintings to videos and skateboard decks, and in a sense also the T-shirts for sale at the front table.

Kazumi Tanaka

Kazumi Tanaka’s show at Kent continues the artist’s earlier work with memory, showcasing her particular brand of nostalgia coupled with high craftsmanship.

JOE FIG Project Room and Work in Progress

In Project Room, a three-person show at P.S.1, and in Work in Progress, a solo show at the new and very small Plus Ultra Gallery, Joe Fig presents his dioramas of artists in their studios.

Sue Williams - 303 Gallery

I feel slightly bad about trashing a 303 artist again, and so soon, but this show deserved it even more than the gallery’s previous one.


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