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Peter Brock

Peter Brock is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

BILL JENSEN with Peter Brock

On the occasion of the painter’s recent exhibition at Cheim & Read, Bill Jensen welcomed the painter/contributing writer Peter Brock to his Williamsburg studio to talk about the new direction that has occurred in his work and more.

David Flaugher: Weekends and Holidays

In his first solo exhibition at Lomex, Weekends and Holidays, David Flaugher presents an austere scene that manages to feel at once delicate and confrontational.

Ragen Moss: 8 animals

The decision to hand-write the bits of text and the question of where to place them are certainly aesthetic concerns, but Moss does not appear to prioritize these formal qualities. Her script is casual, and her placement is direct and frontal. The words deliver their punch despite their appearance, not because of it.


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MAR 2020

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