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Peter Acheson

Peter Acheson is an artist.

In Conversation

Katherine Bradford with Chris Martin and Peter Acheson

While preparing for her solo exhibition of new paintings at Edward Thorp Gallery, which will be on view until June 2nd, Katherine Bradford took time to welcome painters Peter Acheson and Chris Martin to her Williamsburg studio to talk about her life and work.

A Wild Note of Longing: Albert Pinkham Ryder and a Century of American Art

Bill Jensen said that Ryder’s paintings are made of stardust, and I take his point. By all accounts, his palette was limited and he experimented with glazes and homemade varnishes. So how does the homespun become “stardust”?

Mind Mandala: The Art of James Harrison

James Harrison’s first body of New York work resembles the collage and scribble drawing style of Rauschenberg and Twombly.

Food For Sharks: A Personnel Tribute to Stan Brakhage

Tribute, in the meaning of what the farmers pay to the king, is an apt image for what we younger artists owe to the memory of Stan Brakhage.


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