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Paula Trotto

PAULA TROTTO is a Long Island City-based photographer.

Photography in Brooklyn: The Williamsburg Workshop

Seize the opportunity. Really. If you are a photographer—or just love photography—Jessica Murray’s photo workshops here in Williamsburg are not to be missed.

ARTBEAT Column: Living & Thriving in Brooklyn

“Living and Thriving in Brooklyn” is a series of stories about people who live and work from their homes and/or neighborhoods in Brooklyn. As part of this series the Rail introduces Esa Nichols, creator and maintainer of, a website for artists work and also to be used as job/creative reference source by anyone who wants to log on!

Media Mayhem

It’s no new news that the Time Magazine article on Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s book has the city’s female population all in a hurry to have a baby… or in a panic to defend their Sex & the City lifestyles. What’s more baffling to me is the vast array of messages – or dare I call it propaganda – that permeated the media after Time’s cover story.


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JUNE 2023

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