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Paul McLeary

PAUL MCLEARY has written for Social Policy magazine and the New York Observer.

Something Happened Here…

Barnet Schecter, The Battle for New York: The City at the Heart of the American Revolution (Walker & Co., 2002). For a city that supposedly shrugs off its past to make way for a perpetually unfolding future, New York City can sometimes barely conceal its ghosts. From the African burial grounds that are occasionally dug up downtown to the winding streets of the financial district, there’s a rich history we just don’t seem that interested in.

A Scarlet Legacy

In the May issue of The Atlantic Monthly, Steve Olson writes of two genealogical researchers who claim to have found mathematical proof that everyone of European ancestry is in some way descended from both Muhammad and Charlemagne.

Clearing the Wreckage

While a sizable chunk of the books written over the past year concerning the 9/11 attacks are destined for publishing obscurity, the law of averages is on the side of there being a few standouts. One that almost certainly will is William Langewiesche’s American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center.

In the Land of The Free

In this collection of essays, 47 politicians, writers, lawyers, musicians, civil rights activists and ACLU flacks add their voices to the cacophony of pundits weighing in on the state of American civil liberties, post-9/11.


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