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Paul McLean

PAUL MCLEAN is an artist and writer living in Bushwick. His nexus website is This essay was adapted from a longer text on property and free speech in America.

A Poem for a Sunday Occupational Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club (10.16.2011)

Paul McLean is an artist and writer who works in both new media and traditional fine art.

Occupy Main Street

Occupy Wall Street needs to realize how essential Main Street is to a sustainable and meaningful life for so many 99%ers.

OCCUPY GO ROUND: The Dimensional Nature of the Movement

When the protest began on 9/17, there was no concentric circle model for #OWS. There didn’t have to be. People can rely on concentric instincts when they get together to do, say, or envision something important.


The whole loan and interest game is rigged the world over, we discover. Then, the corporate media does its best to blackout the story, you know, the one about the biggest fraud case in history.

Art, Free Speech, and the 1%

That Lloyd Blankfein continues to walk freely among us is testament to the corruption of democracy in the United States. Maybe Blankfein was in such a great mood while chatting with Zakaria because he was privy to the 2012 economic data for American Chief Executive pay, which showed an average of $100 million per annum for the top ten CEOs. Or maybe his good humor reflected the stock market’s record-setting month.


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