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Pascal Ifri

Pascal Ifri received his Ph.D. from Brown University. His main research area is the Twentieth-Century French Novel, but he is also interested in the Realist movement and in various aspects of French civilization and culture, particularly cinema and politics. He has published five books: Proust (Pardès, 2008), Rebatet (Pardès, 2004), “Les Deux étendards” de Lucien Rebatet: Dossier d’un chef-d’oeuvre maudit (L’Age d’Homme, 2001), Céline et Proust: Correspondances proustiennes dans l’oeuvre de L.-F. Céline (Summa, 1996), and Proust et son narrataire (Droz, 1983). He is also the author of a number of articles and essays, on Proust, Céline, Rebatet, Gide, Zola, Stendhal, and Musset. He is currently working on a project about Lucien Rebatet’s Étude sur la composition des Deux étendards. In addition, he has been the editor-in chief or the co-editor-in chief of the Bulletin Marcel Proust since 1995.

The Selected Correspondence of Louis-Ferdinand Céline

These letters are excerpted from The Selected Correspondence of Louis-Ferdinand Céline, additional letters from this manuscript will be featured in the July/Aug issue of the Brooklyn Rail.


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