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Olivier Zahm

OLIVIER ZAHM is the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Purple Fashion Magazine. A former critic for Artforum and Texte zur Kunst, he is publishing in October a volume of his selected writings: Une avant-garde sans avant-garde (An Avant-Garde without Avant-Garde, Les Presses du Réel).

The Community of Lovers

In order to think we must begin with the present—what we experience, what we hope for, what destroys us, what we cannot bear—for the present is probably but the mirror image of our broken dreams. And dreams (that is, the true present) are to be reinvented. Thought, in the splendid words of Ernst Bloch, is a “principle of hope:” a gay science in the midst of a new obscurantism, invasive and electronic.


The Brooklyn Rail

NOV 2023

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