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Nora Philippe

NORA PHILIPPE is a writer, filmmaker, and producer. After studying and teaching critical thinking, she has made several award-winning documentaries, including, in 2013, Pôle Emploi, ne quittez pas! (Job Center Please Hang On).

Laid Out Flat:
Of Maps, Being Run Over, and Virtual Reality

Beneath the summer sun of 2016 the adolescents of Italy are roaming the city, all the way out onto the jetty, in search of Pokémon. The choicest such creatures make but a fleeting appearance, like the Virgin Mary at the end of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. “I saw her! The Virgin Mary!” exclaim two chosen children. “She was there!” And the fervent crowd follows, craning for a glimpse of the invisible. Then the children run in the other direction: “No! She’s over there! Look!”


The Brooklyn Rail

MAY 2023

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