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Nisa Qazi

On the Anti-Fascist Front

As our largely corporate print news structure endlessly brainstorms ways to survive the oft-cited and euphemistic transition from print to digital while remaining solvent, it’s illuminating to consider that when Ralph Ingersoll launched the short-lived but influential PM in 1940, he resolved not to include advertisements so that the paper would be beholden to no one.

The World is Still Round

The last few years have seen such rhapsodic support for India’s touted entrée into the economic big leagues, from Thomas L. Friedman’s paean to Bangalore in The World is Flat to the Obama administration’s unconditional patronage of “the world’s biggest democracy,” that one might feel a bit disoriented upon opening Arundhati Roy’s unsparing indictment of the rise of fascism in modern-day India in Field Notes on Democracy.

Superman from the South, Rodriguez’s Che: A Graphic Biography

The latest installment of Che-inspired popular art is veteran cartoonist Spain Rodriguez’s Che: A Graphic Biography, a frenetically-paced account of the South American revolutionary’s life. Armed with iron-clad principles and an enduring love for the “little guy,” Ernesto “Che” Guevara jackboots his way through these pages with the moral urgency of a missionary.


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