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Nicole Pope

Back to the Future: RoseAnne Spraidlin's Future Past

Future Past is a sometimes heady rumination on death.

Notes from the Fringe

Well, it’s that time of year again: The middle of August, when everybody who can has escaped the city, and those who can’t escape reality at the always unpredictable Fringe Festival. We sent two of our fearless writers to check out a few dance offerings, and report back from the field. –Claudia LaRocco

David Dorfman’s Underground presented at BAM

Inspired by the revolutionary activity of Weather Underground during the ’60s and ’70s, Dorfman’s latest work, Underground, emphasizes the persistence of the daily, moment-to-moment act of choosing your politics through a kind of kinetic diplomacy.

Making Intentions Clear

Both clear and not so clear intentions were on display at Danspace Project in May for a Shares evening featuring performances by Osmani Tellez and Juliette Mapp.

Beverly Blossom: The Incomplete Lament of an Old Dancer.

The programs for Beverly Blossom’s performance at Baruch College (September), were handed out in wrinkled, crumpled wads

Memories of the Revolution

China’s Yellow River (also known as China’s Sorrow) has made at least five major course changes since 602 B.C. During these tumults, the river destroyed everything in its path, causing major floods and killing hundreds of thousands of people.


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