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Nicholas Bredie

Nicholas Bredie is a poet living and working in Manhattan.

Excerpts from "The Searchers"

Each day I decide not to speak French. This amuses the French graduate student I’m fucking. She is unaware of the Lantronix™ XPort™ device, about the size of her thumb, which places any object or thing that produces data into a network.

Twilight Suite

The “walk" button is actually a panic button, making a pitch so enthralling that Death misses his deadline. Fate’s glance gives Denton’s hand a life of its own.

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Rumors to the contrary aside, poetry is doing pretty well for itself. Besides having a SoHo loft for a house, it has had 1,773 discreet instances of itself published in the past year.


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NOV 2023

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