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Monica Sarsini, translated from the Italian by Maryann De Julio

Monica Sarsini was born in Florence, where she lives and teaches writing. She is also an artist who has shown her work in Italy and other countries. Libro Luminoso (Exit Edizioni, 1982) was followed by Crepacuore, Crepapelle and others. A collection of her work was published in English under the title of Eruptions (Italica Press, 1999). In Alice nel paese delle domandine (Le Lettere, 2011), Sarsini collects stories written by women from the creative writing class that she taught at Sollicciano prison, outside Florence; a second volume Alice, la guardia e l’asino bianco was just published in Italy.

Maryann De Julio is a Professor in the Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

from Miransù

Sometimes in the evening before falling asleep, I see my grandfather again, under a veil, before he died he would often say, what a terrible thing, he wanted to say something, but he realized that he was forgetting the words as he was pronouncing them.

from Miransù

The road, golden with leaves heavy from the water fallen down onto the earth, wound its way among the immovable web of dry twigs and piled up tree stumps from which slipped twisted threads, uprooted among the black crouching of solitary birds and a brown cracking of clods, under a hawk, with wings motionless in the condensing of the superimposed gray, from whose horizon, the filmy red of other worlds, other skeletal woods peeped out, rows of vines without leaves, abandoned houses through whose stone windows, devoid of light, witness a black, carnal, fixed nakedness.


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