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Miriam Greenberg

Branding New York

In March 1971, a series of mysterious announcements began to appear in newspapers throughout the Northeastern United States. The first pictured the Statue of Liberty with a tear running down her cheek under the headline, “Announcing the Beginning of the End of New York City.”

WTC: The Construction and Destruction of a Building as Global Brand

The attacks on the World Trade Center have represented two very different types of loss.

One Man’s Universe

If there is one line that captures the spirit of The Talking Cure, WBAI radio personality Mike Feder’s new autobiography, this is the one. Here is encapsulated the author’s unique combination of plodding depression, mordant humor, and degree of self-obsession verging on the absurd. Spring came at last (sigh!), no thanks to me (ha ha!).

Writing Back to the City

I’ll begin my review of Joe Austin’s fascinating new book right where he does, with the following brief, illuminating, and little-known New York story.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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