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Michelle Dizon

MICHELLE DIZON is an artist, filmmaker, writer, theorist, educator and is the founder of at land’s edge, an experimental platform for visual research and catalyst for decolonial thought and action. She has taught courses on documentary, visuality, postcoloniality, globalization, war, feminism, and ecology at the California Institute of the Arts and served as co-chair and core faculty in the Visual Art program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She earned an MFA in Art from UCLA and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley.

Institutions, When Will You Open Your Doors?

I write this in solidarity with women of color; women who bear histories of slavery, colonialism, and migration; women whose great-grandmothers picked your cotton, whose grandmothers cleaned your houses, whose mothers labored in sweatshops to sew your clothes, to get us, their daughters, to the place where we are today—college-educated and “professionalized.”


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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