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Michael Sandlin

Michael Sandlin is a contributing writer for the Brooklyn Rail.

A Look on the Bright Side

Continuing in the vein of his once-timely Gates of Eden (1977), a solid but conventional socio-cultural history of the 1960s, Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression is reputable pre-boomer cultural historian and literary critic Morris Dickstein’s latest attempt to illuminate a historically tumultuous decade via a broad critical survey of its major cultural achievements.

A Rebel and His Causes

When you consider the gentlemanly quietude of post-millennial literary criticism, it’s hard not to appreciate the Big Noise that legendary hipster academic (or “nonacademic academic” as he oxymoronically called himself) Leslie Fiedler generated early in his career.

A Modernist Temperament

For someone who so ferociously champions the onward rush of change and innovation—whether he’s writing about Chinese poetry, anthropological photography, or New Yorker darling E.B. White—it may seem ironic that so many of internationally lauded essayist Eliot Weinberger’s literary subjects have been, until now, quietly buried in the past.


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