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Mia Eaton

Prose Roundup

Four hundred years have passed since Shakespeare plied his quill. In the interim, we have published him, lauded him, Bowdlerized him, edited him, and possibly forgotten who he was. One has the sense that the historical documentation is worn thin with the jittery handling of Ivy League professors. Every generation—every few years—Shakespeare is remade from the same stuff.

Nonfiction: Willful Hedonism

Mike Edison opens his new memoir with a money shot of himself as publisher and editor of High Times magazine, ready to fire the next person who suggests putting Bob Marley on the cover, again. Anti-establishment even at the preternaturally unrestrained High Times, Edison put Ozzy Osbourne on the cover.

Nonfiction: Legends from the Levant

Amin Maalouf is a Lebanese-born journalist who immigrated to France in 1975 to escape his country’s civil war. A world-renowned novelist, essayist, historian, journalist, and librettist, Maalouf bridges East and West through his exploratory writing about Arab culture.


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