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Melinda Lang

Melinda Lang is a curatorial assistant at the Whitney Museum of American Art. She has previously held curatorial positions at the Museum of Modern Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.


Codes can appear in a multitude of forms: letters, numbers, symbols, metaphors, and complex visual cues. Their covertness depends on the infinite range of possible types and combinations, and there are no external rules to their logic or limits to their idiosyncrasies. In his fourth solo show at On Stellar Rays, New York-based artist JJ PEET draws on this boundless spectrum, extending his madcap style of enigma to intimate scaled sculptures—ad hoc assemblages gently embellished with a miscellany of scruffy, clue-laden objects.

Andrew Gbur

Andrew Gbur’s new paintings are fueled by an unexpected element of illusion. From a distance, graphically rendered images appear precisely delineated, but close up those very lines begin to waver, blur, and intersect. Over the past few years, the young Pennsylvania-based artist has created a number of works that feature isolated regions of color which coalesce into discernable images, most notably variations on a leering, disquieting gaze. In a series of large, Op-inflected paintings made in 2015, Gbur continues to rework everyday imagery as an exploration of the relationship between color and line.


Jackie Saccoccio’s painterly abstractions emerge from a highly agile process. Lifting one canvas onto another, the artist transfers paint across two surfaces, creating a labyrinth of scrapes and drips that intersect with radiant expanses of color.

Linnea Kniaz: Running Bond

Through a restrained yet expressive vocabulary, the young New York artist Linnea Kniaz draws on carefully measured elements to create quiet variations and subtleties in her abstract paintings and sculptures.

Don Dudley: Early Work

Don Dudley integrated tendencies from L.A. Finish Fetish art and New York Minimalism, with his own inventive material sensibilities and formal interests, creating austere yet ethereal paintings that elude geographical groupings.


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