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Meghan McDermott

Meghan McDermott is a digital rights advocate attending CUNY Law, and dedicates this piece to the memory of Rob Eschelman. To support Beirut's recovery following the August explosion, donate to Egna Legna (an org run by and for Ethiopian domestic workers in Lebanon who have been abandoned by their host families in the face of the current crisis); a fund for arts and cultural workers in Lebanon; and/or a fund for Beirut's queer community."

Charter School Reform in New York: Profiting From Poverty

As public schools open their doors and begin the “drill and kill” test-prep instruction required to satiate the state’s voracious appetite for measurable outcomes, the New York City school system as a whole continues to hobble on to the next precipice of educational improvement.

New Skool Journalism

In collaboration with Youth Speaks, a writing program that offers free after school poetry workshops for NYC teens, the Brooklyn Rail is proud to bring you the words and visions of the city’s up and coming writers.

Demography is not Destiny: Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc. vs. State of New York

The racial and economic politics of Albany are robbing New York City’s students of an education.

New Skool Travels to Crown Heights

The 2004 session of the New Skool Journalism Workshop went to Crown Heights, where our team of young journalists worked to capture scenes of daily life that exist beneath the various stereotypes by which the place is known.

Saving No Kill Shelters

Late 19th-century New York City wasn’t a good time or place to be an animal. Socialite fashions included whole stuffed creatures such as sparrows, otters, and foxes. One matron made headlines by attending a Vanderbilt dress ball in a stitched-up display of the heads and tails of white cats—dozens of them.

Beauty in Unexpected Places

For some, there may not be much beauty in post-industrial North Brooklyn. But above the rumbling trucks, the rising rents, the tragic hipsters, and the fashions gone awry, there is something truly captivating.

From the County of Kings to the County of Queens: New Skool Journalism Travels Next Door

Late last fall, the New Skool Journalistas left our beat in Brooklyn to trammel through Queens to investigate and taste the nuances of home and assimilation in the cuisine of two of the boroughs vibrant immigrant communities.

Hot Fun in the Brooklyn Summer

Even after the mermaids parade past the waves off Coney Island, the diversity and richness of Brooklyn will still provide countless summer adventures for city-bound kids and families. Perfumed flowers are in bloom at the botanic garden, cool music wafts across Prospect and Fort Greene Parks, and Carnival is just around the corner.

From Beirut, Borikén, and Brooklyn with Love

In July 2020, Sarah Aoun, chief technologist at the Open Technology Fund (OTF) and Teresa Basilio Gaztambide, Network Strategy Director at MediaJustice met with Meghan McDermott to talk about their work at the intersection of digital rights, human rights, movement organizing, and the political moment.

Laws to Live By

Flipping though the bold and beautiful portraits in photographer Ali Smith’s second book, Laws of the Bandit Queens, one is stuck by the simple fact that this is a rare and thoughtful collection of women. Featuring witty, playful and provocative images of artists, writers, thinkers, activists, provocateurs, athletes, comedians and politicos of all kinds, Ali Smith complements her photographs with each woman’s stated “law to live by.”


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