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Maya Solovej

MAYA SOLOVEJ lives and works in NYC. She received her BA in comparative literature from the University of Copenhagen in 2014 and has written book reviews for Atlas Magazine, a Danish publication.

In the Dark without Searchlights

“We learned in school that funeral elegies / Laments and threnodies / were reserved for big public occasions / And so the classical poets sang / Of heroes who fell valiantly in battle,” writes Edward Hirsch in his brilliant new book-length poem “Gabriel: A Poem,” a glistening and sorrow filled story about the loss and mourning of child.

Small Town Stasis by the Irish Coastline

Barrett’s stories suggest urgent appeal. Each one moves seductively between a variety of registers and moods, from ugly, awkward sentences to beautiful, lyrical ones. His prose is precise down to the most idiosyncratic descriptions.


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