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Maxine Case

Obsessive Compulsive

A man and a beautiful woman are killed when a taxi veers off an autobahn in Vienna. The victims are both Albanian immigrants, and the last thing the driver can remember before crashing is that, from his rearview mirror, it looked like they were about to kiss.

Do For Love

Imagine living a life in which your every desire or ambition is contingent on whether another little girl has the same desire or ambition. That little girl is your sister.

At Risk

Interesting and insightful, Kamchatka is also engrossing, often funny, and very, very unsettling. The word “Kamatchka” refers to the territory on the Risk game board which is furthest from Argentina, according to 10-year-old Harry, who lives with his parents and his younger brother, the Midget, in Buenos Aires.

Army Lives

Set in and around Fort Hood, the now infamous military base in Texas, the loosely linked stories that comprise Siobhan Fallon’s debut collection offer an intimate window into the lives of the spouses left behind, and the men and women on the frontlines of war.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2023

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