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Matthew Kirby

Matthew Kirby lives with his wife near the parade grounds in Brooklyn. He is working on a collection of short stories and co-designs the literary annual Raised in a Barn.

Traffic Island

Jennifer Bryson Boyce went by the name of Niffer because there were too many Jens in Catoosa County. She didn’t know, exactly, how to boil potatoes. She dumped some potatoes into a pot and turned the knob to HIGH/LIGHT. Her kitchen got a little sun, which was good, but it buzzed.

To The People of Intercourse

I live in Intercourse Pennsylvania, have three phone lines and never communicate with any of my living relatives. Don’t ask me what I think of Intercourse. I don’t know. I haven’t left my property in two years, since I relocated from Dayton, Ohio. I say "relocated" instead of "moved," because, despite the transition I have remained essentially inert.


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JUNE 2023

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