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Matt Reeck

MATT REECK has won translation grants from the NEA and the PEN-Heim Translation Fund. Class Warrior—Taoist Style, his translation from the French of the Moroccan writer Abdelkébir Khatibi, was published by Wesleyan UP in November 2017. Deep Vellum will publish “Muslim”: A Novel, his translation of the experimental novel of the French writer Zahia Rahmani, in February 2019. His translations from the Urdu with Aftab Ahmad include Bombay Stories and Mirages of the Mind, the latter a long-list selection for the Three Percent Best Translated Book of the Year Award in 2016. This translation comes from his 2018 NEA Fellowship award novel.

Writing ‘Not the Whole Story’ History

Ted Greenwald’s Clearview/LIE is a memoir, but it subverts many narrative traditions of memoir-writing through poetic techniques, mainly fragmentation, repetition, temporal shifts, and tonal rebellions.

Ethos, Ethics

Stephen Motika’s Western Practice is a vast poetic anthropology, or archeology. It is a “kulture vulture,” trying to “tell us the culture” through its “description of collections” and “directories.”

from The Chronicle

Listen, my friends, we are punished by the heavens, exiled by time. It is true, we were cast from heaven to earth the day that the stars plucked us from Jahanabad and threw us down in the wilds of Baran where the lights burned from a distance of twelve miles.


Matt Reeck’s poems have appeared in magazines and in three chapbooks, including “Midwinter” from Fact-Simile Press. Histranslations from the Urdu and the French have appeared in magazines including the Rail’s own InTranslation.

from Exercises for the Hard at Work

Matt Reeck's translation Class Warrior—Taoist Style from the French of Abdelkébir Khatibi is available this fall from Wesleyan UP. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter, and co-edits Staging Ground magazine.

from Agon of the City, Ahoy of the City

Matt Reeck lives in Los Angeles and helps run Staging Ground Magazine. He's published five chapbooks. His translations include Bombay Stories (Vintage) and the forthcoming Mirages of the Mind (New Directions).


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