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Matt Longabucco

MATT LONGABUCCO is the author of the chapbooks Heroic Dose (Inpatient, 2019), Athens Notebook (Imp, 2017), and others. Poems and essays have appeared recently in Folder, Lana Turner, and The Poetry Project Newsletter. He teaches at New York University and Bard College, and lives in Brooklyn.

In Dialogue

Tragedy with a Chewy Comic Center: MADELEINE GEORGE with Matt Longabucco

Madeline George's real ambition to connect with people through writing and stage the conversations that animate her formidable mind, helps show me (and many) what a principled and truly evolving practice can and should achieve.

Hold the Line

Matt Longabucco's work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Aufgabe, Parkett, and The Death and Life of American Cities. He is the Friday Night Series coordinator at the Poetry Project, and has written the poems of Juan Garcia Madero, the narrator of The Savage Detectives (including this one above).


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