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Mary Proenza


In her paintings and reliefs, Kyle Staver presents simplified, touchingly goofy figures in fraught, mythological circumstances, including a boy hurtling through the stratosphere, having flown too close to the sun, and a woman whose lover is a swan.

One-Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series

In 1941, 23-year-old Jacob Lawrence (1917 – 2000) finished 60 tempera paintings on small hardboard panels, along with narrative captions for each, chronicling the mass migration of African Americans that had begun during World War I and continued as he worked.


The understated, abstract sculptures in Carolyn Salas’s first solo show at Koenig & Clinton are imbued with a lively formalism. The ten new, human-scale pieces are just right for the size of the gallery, and their thoughtful arrangement facilitates a sense of conversation between and within the individual objects.

True Monotypes

Monotype is the humblest of printmaking disciplines; you use a plate without permanent features, apply ink or paint, then print. It’s also the most variable because the marks you apply to the plate and the marks that result in printing often vary wildly.


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SEPT 2023

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