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Mary Billyou

MARY BILLYOU is a practicing filmmaker whose work accesses cultural memory by directing attention to institutional frames and their supporting mechanisms. Combining the amateur, punk and feminism, she consciously engages film as a readerly text. In Spring 2016, she completed a new 16mm film entitled GUN, HAT, GIRL?

Mixed Use:
E.S.P. TV’s Unit 11

Currently located between the familiar red circle of “You Are Here” and the “Back of Beyond” is E.S.P. TV’s Unit 11. Operated by artists Victoria Keddie and Scott Kiernan, E.S.P. TV is best known for live television tapings that feature experimental broadcasts via their mobile television studio, Unit 11.


If the words MONO NO AWARE (pronounced a-WAH-ré) sound strange to you, it may be because they come from the other side of the planet: it is Japanese (物の哀れ) referring to a connection with or a yearning for the ephemeral.

Spectacle’s Trailers

Contingent upon calendar time, previews announce and then are tossed away. The trailers of Williamsburg’s Spectacle Theater principally do what other trailers do: they give a sneak peek of what’s coming next.


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