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Martica Sawin

Martica Sawin is a native New Yorker who has spent a half century covering contemporary art in print and in the classroom. As a historian she has focused specially on Surrealism, but she has written more than a half hundred essays on contemporary artists for exhibition catalogues and art magazines as well as authoring a number of monographs.


A glass-sided skeleton cabinet from Cooper Union, obsolete for art school purposes, was retired to Ellen Lanyon’s SoHo studio where, minus the skeleton, it became a repository for eccentric objects collected by the artist. The rest of her collection fills most available surfaces—walls, shelves, table tops—in her wunderkammer loft.

Martica Sawin

Many summers Wolf and his wife, Emily Mason, would stop for a meal or a night at my place on the Maine coast on their way home to Vermont. While the rest of us sat drinking on the porch, Wolf would settle down on the ground below, facing the water, and do three pastels before the sun dropped into Casco Bay.


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