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Marjorie Welish

MARJORIE WELISH’S recent art exhibitions have occurred at Art-3, Brooklyn, Emanuel von Baeyer Cabinet, London, and La Terrasse, Nanterre. A presentation on her Fulbright occurred at Edinburgh College of Art.

Limited only through whatever is impossible

Limited only through whatever is impossible or contradictory, contingency thrives opportunistically. Whatever is possible has been claimed by the term, and that includes a very broad swathe of happening. As a matter of fact, however, not everything that possibly can happen does happen. In its empirical extent, some conditions do issue in occurrences more likely to happen than not, some unforeseen perhaps, yet inherent in possibility.


Now as then, Donald Judd’s writing on art makes us mindful of the studio writ large. Verbalized or not, our art resides in the many decisions informing the manufacture of artifacts of some kind, for which tectonics and facture must speak to some clear purpose.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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