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Maria E. Betances

Maria E. Betances, born and raised in Puerto Rico, has a B.A. in French from Providence College (‘14) and is currently getting her Masters Degree in French Literature Translation at New York University (‘15). Aside from translating, she also enjoys creative writing and has been published by the international literary journal The Alembic (original short story, “Left, Right or Left”). Maria is currently translating Chantal Creusot’s novel, Mai en automne as her thesis, and hopes to one day be able to publish it.


I live in a lower-class neighborhood of Paris, at the end of a small, dark street, one of the last refuges for some dealers. Once there, you have to come inside the building through a pretty large entryway, walk across the courtyard, then take the correct staircase, follow a corridor, make a right, and it’s at that door that hundreds of men have come knocking.


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