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Margot Farrington

Of Roofs and Hoofs: IN CONVERSATION WITH Jane Schwartz

Williamsburg-based writer Jane Schwartz, whose biography Ruffian: Burning from the Start was recently reissued by Ballantine Books, sat down with the Rail’s Margot Farrington.

In Conversation with D. Nurkse

D. Nurkse’s most recent book of poetry is The Rules of Paradise (Four Way Books, 2001). His previous books include Leaving Xaia, Voices Over Water, Staggered Lights, Shadow Wars, and Isolation in Action.

Hanging Loose with Robert Hershon

Hanging Loose refreshes with its “can do” list of facts. It has no angel nor any institutional support. It possesses no office and none of its editors takes a salary. It features a section for high school age poets— a rarity among literary magazines— which Hershon initially opposed but later came to endorse. The journal has also survived despite the advent of Hanging Loose Press.

Blizzard: Brooklyn View

A man shovels in a parking lot for a car supposedly there


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