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Margarita Shalina

MARGARITA SHALINA is a writer and translator who lives in New York.

GG Allin Gets Trapped in America, Sends Word to the Empire

I never attended a GG Allin show because I’m not into poo. It was a realistic possibility in the late 1980s and early ’90s to see GG play with the Murder Junkies on the heroin-saturated Lower East Side, which was about to begin its decade-long transformation into a place that GG neither could afford nor would be especially welcome in.

Joe McVie & the End of the Mayan Calendar

“Joe’s coming to town.” “Junky Joe or Joey Pony?” “Junky Joe.” “Ooh… here we go.” Chris and I smile big, like it’s some inside joke, like we’re suddenly sitting in a cellar waiting for the tornado to hit but kind of happy that it’s going to hit regardless.

No One Ever Interrupted Me: Jim Carroll & The Petting Zoo

Elizabeth and I had cut class one autumn morning circa 1986. We’re LES kids and we don’t behave properly.


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