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Lucas Hunt

LUCAS HUNT was born in rural Iowa, and is the author of Lives, Light on the Concrete, and The Muse Demanded Lyrics (Pen & Anvil, 2016). He studied at the Iowa Writers Workshop, and the MFA program at Southampton College. Hunt has published in the New York Times, East Hampton Star, Clarion, Slice, and received a John Steinbeck Award for poetry. He is the director of Orchard Literary, founder of Hunt & Light, and a professional live auctioneer.

Spells, Riddles, Potions, and Curses

It’s no secret that Joanna C. Valente is a visionary surrealist poet who has written a book about the twenty-two trump cards in a tarot pack, a.k.a. the major arcana. The Gods are Dead is a stunningly illustrated work of art that opens the veins of human mystery with satirical flicks of the pen.


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