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Liza Birkenmeier

Liza Birkenmeier is a playwright. She is a member of Ars Nova’s Play Group, a New Georges Affiliated Artist, and is currently an Artist-in-Residence at University Settlement in Manhattan. She has also written for The Rumpus.

Love, in Exploded View
How to Get Into Buildings

In a Sunday rehearsal for How to Get Into Buildings, I witness a storm of collaborative efforts. It’s clear that no matter how it found ambulation, this production would be a powerhouse.

In Conversation

The Absurdity of American Acclimation: TRISH HARNETIAUX with Liza Birkinmeier

Tin Cat Shoes by Trish Harnetiaux will premiere as part of Clubbed Thumb’s Summerworks this May. I talked with Trish on subways, over peanut butter pie, behind home plate at her softball game, and once even at a Shake Shack.


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