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Liz Axelrod

To Assume a Pleasing Shape

An innate sense of sadness and joy runs through Joseph Salvatore’s To Assume A Pleasing Shape.

The Stuart Sherman Spectacle

Best know for his series of 20 short, experimental plays titled the Spectacles, Sherman led a rich existence on the fringe of the New York avant-garde contemporary art/theater scene from the late ’60s to the early ’90s.

In Conversation

DEBRA DIBLASI and SAM WITT of Jaded Ibis Press with Liz Axelrod

Jaded Ibis Press holds an odd shaped, polished and engraved stone in a hand-carved painted slingshot. Like David, they are poised with ready aim to hit the big publishing houses dead square in the eye


The Brooklyn Rail

APRIL 2021

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