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Lenore Malen

Lenore Malen is an artist and writer who draws on mythic stories interpreted through installation, performance and film. She received a Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and a NYFA award in interdisciplinary art in 2001. She has exhibited in NY and in Europe and performed for the BBC. She teaches in the MFA Fine Arts Program at Parsons The New School.

Donna Moylan: Take Shelter

For Donna Moylan, the wild is the norm. At Tanja Gunert’s Hudson gallery, Moylan’s paintings point to a surrealist revival in recent art though she claims a long history in this genre. As a young artist living in Rome for 23 years she developed a signature style that incorporated abstract shapes and caricatures inhabiting otherworldly landscapes.

Stressed World

Stressed World is a show made of artworks that are largely handcrafted: painted, carved, drawn, cast, or assembled. They’re mostly intimate and human scale with some exceptions.

The Unconscious

The web is the unconscious mind of everyone alive today. It’s a networked intelligence and a hive, a living thing, and also a digital repository for 5,000 years of human history. We can safely say that most everything repressed and hidden lies in some corner of the Internet.

What is Art?

What is art? Useless, an empty signifier, but also the currency for global capital and high stakes gambling, of great value and interest to millions of people who wait patiently in extremely long lines, and completely irrelevant to countless others; not intimate, but spectacular, atomized, and digitized, also intimate, tactile, hand-held, close up.


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