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Laura Barcella

Laura Barcella is a freelance writer based in Park Slope.

The Lithuanians of Fresh Death

Linas Phillips is a funny guy. As the mastermind behind the Campfire Show, presented at Galapagos in July, he just looks funny. Decked out in short shorts, a black leather vest, white socks, and sneakers, with a skinny blond trucker-trash mustache, it’s a pleasant surprise (and a refreshing change amidst today’s comedy/performance scene) when he opens his mouth and he really is funny.

Emerging Choreographers: Melissa Briggs Dance and Nami Yamamoto

Melissa Briggs has a thing for trains. While the Brooklyn-based choreographer, who is currently an artist-in-residence at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) in Park Slope, doesn’t state this explicitly in conversation, it’s implicit in her work, where trains play a significant role both in her CityStory (2002) and in her latest work The Book Project. Here, trains link three very different, but equally fascinating pairs of classic literary characters.


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