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Kristin Prevallet

Kristin Prevallet is a poet and manuscript doulah. She is the facilitator of Trance Poetics, a site for teaching, scholarship, and community around oracular arts and practices.

WE SIT LIKE HOT STONES (The Performance of Grief)

“In performance you squeeze out yourself, you dredge it up from your unconscious. It is a process of giving it a form from the inner to the outer. The process cannot be frivolous, but must be a deep, a deep commitment to yourself.”

In Conversation

John Sims with Kristin Prevallet

It’s 2021 and John Sims is ready for this moment. Sims has been making, remaking, unmaking, and deconstructing Confederate iconography since 2000; his work around re-imagined monuments, which included Time Sculpture NYC, has now evolved into Freedom Memorial at Gamble Plantation (2020), a reimagining of a former slave plantation in Ellenton, FL.

Dixie Don’t Shoot

Kristin Prevallet is an American poet currently living and working in New York City. In recent years, she has appeared regularly at the Bowery Poetry Club. She has taught at Bard College, The New School for Social Research, and St. John’s University in Queens. She is also a literary translator of French, and was awarded a PEN Translation Fund Grant from PEN American Center in 2004.

Cruelty and Conquest

I. The United States has no quarrel with the Iraqi people; they’ve suffered too long in silent captivity. Liberty for the Iraqi people is a great moral cause, and a great strategic goal. The people of Iraq deserve it; the security of

Category #2: Laundry Detergent

Often, streets with storefronts that greet passersby with a gumball machine in the doorway also happen to be streets which boast a variety of 99c stores, all with multicolored signs which say the same thing: 99c.


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