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Kevin Killian

KEVIN KILLIAN has written three novels, a book of memoirs, three books of stories, four of poetry—most recently, Tony Greene Era (from Wonder Books). For the SF Poets Theater Killian has written forty-five plays, and the anthology he compiled with David Brazil—The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater 1945-1985—has become the standard book on the subject. Recent projects include Tagged, Killian’s nude photographs of poets, artists, and writers; Selected Amazon Reviews, Volume 3, edited by Dia Felix (from Essay Press), and brand new, with Dodie Bellamy, a New Narrative anthology called Writers Who Love too Much: New Narrative Writing 1977-1997, from Nightboat Books.


John Giorno’s Subduing Demons in America: Selected Poems 1962–2007, ably edited by Marcus Boon, first allowed me a chance to grasp the whole nettle of Giorno’s career in poetry—its shape, its energy, its paideuma, as Pound (following Frobenius), used the word.

For A Reason

Like many artists, I came to San Francisco from graduate school, without any real training in doing anything, and I took a series of temp jobs.

In Conversation

An Increased Clarity of Address: KEVIN KILLIAN with Tony Leuzzi

“That’s an awful lot of me,” Kevin Killian observed when I sent him proofs of the interview that follows this introduction—“Do we need it all?” On the surface, such candid self-effacement seems unlikely in a writer whose work is so searching and confident, but Killian’s apparent lack of ego may be connected to his fascination with makeshift art.


Kevin Killian, who lives in San Francisco, has written three novels, a book of memoirs, and three books of stories. He is the author of three collections of poetry, Argento Series (2001), Action Kylie (2008) and Tweaky Village (2014). Brand new: a chapbook from The Song Cave called Pink Narcissus Poems.


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